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David Parnaby

I am the Warden of the Fair Isle Bird Observatory, which I have been running along with my wife Susannah since 2011. We live on Fair Isle with our two daughters Grace, who was nearly two when we moved here, and Freyja, who has lived her whole life on Fair Isle having been born in 2012.

I am from Sunderland originally, which is very different to Fair Isle in many ways, but shares one important feature: the sea. Working in conservation has seen me living in a variety of locations, although it wasn’t until I moved to Derbyshire that I realised just how important being close to the sea was to me!

They have been a guest on the following episodes:
Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Comfy rooms, good food, great scenery. Seabirds, rare migrants, and the chance to get involved in scientific research. Why wouldn't you want to come?

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