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A podcast about the Scottish coast and the communities and conservation work taking place along it. Each episode the hosts Nicolette Macleod and Graham Richardson talk to a different guest about their experience of the sea.

Nicolette Macleod

I am a cinematic folk artist who works as a multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter and composes for theatre, dance and film. I create sound scores with acoustic instruments, looped vocals and found objects. My solo show about the sea will be touring as part of the 'Touring Network' supported programme in 2022.

The idea of the podcast came during lockdown when I was doing research for my show and got really excited by the people and projects I was reading about. With the realisation I wasn't going to be able to fit everything into a one hour show and that I certainly wasn't the expert, I decided to create the podcast to give myself an excuse to interview the people who are. The idea was to share my findings and create a resource for other peoples enquiries.

I believes our Seas need more protection, responsible management and at the very least the laws we already have should be enforced by the Scottish government. I believe that education and engagement can play a part in creating that change.

Graham Richardson

I am based in Edinburgh, but was born in Belfast which makes my voice sound all funny. With degrees in biology and musical theatre, and a dissertation on tits, I have worked variously as a science communicator, events developer for a popular science festival, performer, and photographer/videographer for various charities. My interests lie at the fluid boundary of arts and science and I am particularly fascinated by novel ways to tell conservation and rewilding stories.

I believe that the drive is there for a green recovery, but that we have to trust in local groups, communities and scientists to help guide it. I love being outdoors and get excited pretty much every time I see a wild animal, but I also believe that humanity has much to benefit from healthy ecosystems. Helping our wild spaces thrive will be a win-win. But if you feel overwhelmed by the task ahead, don't worry, we are on this ride with you, learning as we go.

Also, I love birds, and might find it hard to be friends with you if you do not.

Brought on by Nico as the more ‘science-y’ one, I research, edit, do some of the design, and co-host the podcast. This process has been a learning experience for me, and I am hugely appreciative of the people that have given up their time to make this happen. If you are interested in collaboration, I would love to hear from you!

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